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Ine Kempen
National Training Co-ordinator Belgium


Since 2010, Ine has been working in poultry research at the Experimental Poultry Centre (EPC) in Belgium, which focuses primarily on finding practical solutions for farmers, including extending the production cycle without molting. Additional research foci are broad with topics ranging from parasite control, feather pecking, reducing keel bone damage and ensuring egg quality.  To allow for on-site and controlled research, the EPC has their own semi-commercial facilities for 30.000 laying hens (in 12 compartments) and 42.000 broilers (in 16 compartments).   In addition to research, they also have an active program providing training for producers, veterinarians, students, and various members of the industry.


Belgium, which has a population of 11.3 million people, has diverse types of laying housing systems including barns and furnished cages with an average flock size of 55,000 hens.