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Dr. Magnus Jeremiasson
National Training Co-ordinator Sweden


Dr Jeremiasson has worked as a poultry veterinarian at The Swedish Egg Association since 2008 where he heads the Swedish Salmonella Control and Biosecurity Program. He also works as a poultry field veterinarian and provides health care and consultancy service to the farmers about biosecurity, animal welfare and production regarding layers. He works to provide a link between science and farmers through information and advisement using articles and lectures. In addition, he serves as a resource for the authorities in epizootic outbreaks and other questions regarding the layer industry.

Sweden has 8.3 million layers.  Battery cages were banned in 1988 followed by an intensive period of development and studies of alternative systems (enriched cages and loose housing systems). Today, 61% of Swedish layers are loose housed in multi-tier barn systems and 8% are loosed housed in single tier barn systems. Another 19% are organic or free range with outdoor access.  10% are housed in enriched cages. Debeaking is prohibited and since the mid 1990s all barns must be equipped with daylight inlets.